We work with a variety of industries to gather data from the physical environment.

For cities we gather data on a single building, an entire block, a neighborhood, or (coming soon) the entire city.

This allows us to get a baseline for the area being analyzed in order to better meet the needs of residents and visitors to the analyzed area as well as to track impact. Our platform allows for much needed impact analysis of any redevelopment or changing community dynamics.

Examples include: Tracking resident mode of transportation, Tracking neighborhood needs, Tracking concentration of economic activity, etc.

For brick and mortar retailers, whether big or small, we gather data key information on your business, your customers, and potential customers you're missing out on.

With this information we can offer insights directed at increasing your revenues and matching the needs of your customer base directly. We also can do analysis to help you plan the perfect area for your next location.

Examples include: Tracking customer mode of transportation, Tracking current customer needs, Characteristics and needs from untapped customer base, etc.

Airports are a great environment that are essentially microcities. They contain a large amount of activity and retail traffic as well.

Examples include: Tracking current line status, Indoor navigation solutions, Airport rewards systems, etc.

We have the tools and team to work in a number of diffferent industries. We are actiely seeking out new opportunities for our physical location anaytics platform.

If you need strong qunatitative and qualitative data and insights to bolster or guide your work we are the team for you.

Examples include: Increasing shopping center and mall engagement, Park usage analysis, Public transit analysis etc.