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Fan Experience

CMDSense offers turnkey mobile app features that drive new engagement and revenue opportunities inside your sports arena.

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We offer a number of amazing mobile features to transform your fan experience.

Help fans navigate your arena and enjoy it more

No more getting lost, missing out on great food, or wasting time hunting for your friends. CMDSense gives you an impressive, interactive map in the palm of everyone’s hand. (Like Google maps, but better!)

Engage the entire crowd...not just die-hard fans

Not everyone goes to an event for the sports. You have to create an experience everyone wants to be a part of. With CMDSense, you can create scavenger hunts and other experiences that reward people to explore your arena.

Stop losing money with lines and bottlenecks

CMDSense gives you a real-time read on what people are doing inside your arena, so you can quickly react. Get new insight into highest traffic times, bottlenecks and top items purchased, so you can make smarter decisions that increase revenue.