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What We Do

We use Data, Technology, and Community Knowledge to tell the story of cities and reveal insights and opportunities in order to improve or direct redevelopment projects in cities across the globe.

Data Gathering

We outline a customized data gathering plan to match your space and your needs. Utilizing available data and our own tools, we gather even more contextual data. Our data gathering methods are ethical, transparent, and secure.


We analyize the data we gather before, during, and after redevelopment. We find trends and opportunities using our targeted machine learning algorithms. Our goal is to meet customer needs and impact the community positively with quantitative and qualitative metrics.


We are able to create advanced reporting through data visualizations, maps, infographics, dashboards, and augmented experiences.

Our Focus Areas

We gather data in three key areas with more focus areas coming in the near future.

Mobility Patterns

We understand the mode of transportation, the length of time, and traffic status of the area being analyzed.

Economic Activity

We gather information on how much money is coming into the area being analyzed, where it is coming from, and where are there areas of opportunity.

Community Input

We gather general demographic information and feedback from those directly affected by the analyzed area and those not. This gives us a better picture of the opportunities beyond what is currently being accessed.